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Our Features

Your Learning

Your Lessons

eduvee brings together the best learning resources. 1000s of learning snapshots make up your ‘lessons’, each designed to help you understand a specific concept. No more information overload, with our manageable chunks and simple navigation to help you connect the dots.

Your Style

Follow your learning style, not your class. eduvee supports you with resources specially selected for each lesson. We bring together textbooks, images, illustrations, videos, interactive activities as well as exercise questions and tests, to personalise the widest range of high quality materials on offer today.

Your Understanding

Our short lessons are linked to questions, giving you instant feedback on whether you’ve aced a concept before moving on, eventually to the Topic Tests. But don’t sweat it, we’re here to guide you and help you learn if you don’t get full marks on your first go.

Your Recommendations

Our eduvee engine matches our entire collection of learning materials to your progress and learning style to suggest what you may want to learn or explore next. This functionality is great not only for when you’re stuck but also to show what topics are trending and what others are actively discovering.


eduvee is designed to support your students in getting to grips with science. Use eduvee’s curriculum-mapped resources in whatever way works for you in class and for homework.



Discover how eduvee can transform your studies: learn, explore, revise or test yourself to achieve the grades you’re capable of.



Support your child with eduvee to tackle homework, facilitate learning and exam preparation. Stay informed of progress with real-time time tracking and stats.


Beyond Textbooks

Textbooks are only the foundation of eduvee’s learning material. Each resource is linked to the latest curriculum and UK examination boards’ specification, making all our resources relevant to students’ learning.

Activity Tracking

Create class groups and track activity, progress and performance in real-time. Benefit from simple analysis of who are learning, who need your attention and even who have not logged on.


eduvee is designed for student access to complement your lessons. However, it’s up to you – you can use it in the classroom to support students as well as to encourage those minds ready to explore.

Your Rating

Give lessons the green light when you're happy you've understood them. Mark them to visit again if you're not sure or want help.

Quiz Yourself

Use the bank of questions to see what you’ve got and also what bits you still need to work on and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Helpful Tools

Access to all the essential tools needed to make each lesson yours, including a multi-colour highlighter, sticky notes, calculator and bookmarks.


eduvee offers your teen a helping hand. They get the best of directed support and personalised learning that speaks to them. Or take a more active role, and brush up on your own knowledge and teach them using eduvee.

Long-term Solution

eduvee is not just for Christmas nor last minute exam prep. Your child will be motivated year-round because it complements their school work. Nor do you need to wait for their exam results to be published, as you can track their activity and progress through your own dashboard.

Good Value Learning

eduvee offers much better value compared to hours of private tuition, which may leave you wondering what you're getting. eduvee is as simple to set up as it is to see just how much and exactly what’s working for your child. No harm in giving them an informed nudge when you think fit.

It Works!

Don’t take our word that eduvee is primed to improve students’ engagement, motivation and attainment. On top of the feedback we’ve received and data we’ve collected, here’s what studies have shown about the power of students learning online.

  • 56.6% Revision
  • 14.6% Homework Help
  • 13.8% Class Learning & Catch Up
  • 12.7% General Interest
  • 2.2% It's Not Been Useful
Join Now Based upon a survey conducted on www.eduvee.com over a 6 month period ending July 2013.
97 % of Eduvee Users Found it Useful

It’s amazing. [I’m] tired of looking things up on Bitesize as it’s kinda dull and not fun. [I] love the way eduvee lessons are broken up and their videos are cool. It helps to have lots of questions and the dash is easy to use and see what’s what. Two months of using eduvee for my GCSE science revision and my teacher says he can see the results. Hopefully I get a better grade in the exam. Cheers.

Year 11 student, June 2013

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